The WINS Project Child Sponsoring Program

The best way to help a child receive an education is to sponsor a child. The WINS project offers a transparant Child sponsoring program.


The Child sponsoring system 

Children will be nominated for the program by the applicable WINS Learning Center after an assessment of the need and an evaluation of the child has been completed. A donor will sponsor a specific child or children.
In accordance with The WINS Project policy, all sponsor donations will be used only for education purposes to include:

  • School fees
  • Transportation to and from school
  • Uniforms, books, school supplies
  • Supplemental classes
  • Use of library, internet, etc.

However, the sponsor may decide that an additional donation may be used for other purposes. For example:

  • Clothing
  • Savings Account
  • Healthcare
  • Other Needs

A tentative financial plan will be prepared for the child.

The financial plan is a guide, but it is up to the sponsor to decide what amount to donate. It is less expensive for elementary school than for junior high and high school but any remaining balance stays in the child’s account to help pay for later schooling. The financial plan will amortize the monthly amount over the entire period of schooling so as not to change the donation amount.


Of course, this is dependent on the school fee structure. Fees do increase from time to time. The financial plan will be evaluated annually at the end of each school year in May and adjusted as required.

The sponsor will decide the frequency of their donation. WINS recommends semi-annually or annually. This makes it easier for the sponsor and also for accounting purposes. If you donate on a basis other than monthly, you will receive your tax receipt at that time. If you choose to donate monthly, you will receive your tax receipt quarterly.


The sponsor has the right to stop the sponsorship at any time without notice. WINS will then be responsible for the education of the child until a new sponsor is found. However, it is requested that some notice be given so as to facilitate the search.


If for any reason, the child does not finish their education, the remaining funds in the child’s account will be used for other purposes. This will be determined by WINS in conjunction with the respective WINS Learning Center.


The financial structure 
The child will have their own local bank account. As soon as the child can read and write, they will do their own bookkeeping under the supervision of the WINS Learning Center Director. In this way, the child will learn to deal with financial matters.


WINS will transfer the donated funds to the respective WINS Learning Center and the funds will be deposited directly into the child’s bank account.


The entire child sponsoring donation goes into the child’s account. None of the donation goes to the WINS general fund. All fees and other overhead costs are paid from the general fund.

The child’s financial ledger will be sent to the sponsor by WINS on a semi-annual basis.


The communication structure

The children receive many types of lessons and subjects at the WINS Learning Centers, such as English and computer lessons. They get their own email account and communicate with their sponsors through e-mail on a frequent basis. It is also possible to visit the child in Bali.