Sponsor a child

You can view all the children who are waiting for a sponsor.


If you are interested in sponsoring a child please send us an e-mail: info@wins.foundation


Inform us about which child you would like to sponsor and we will send you a tentative financial plan for the child. The financial plan will amortize the monthly amount over the entire period of schooling so as not to change the donation amount.


The amount for the education of the child is smaller for elementary school than for junior high and high school, but any remaining balance stays in the child’s account to help pay for later schooling.

You can decide the frequency of the donation. WINS recommends semi-annually or annually. This makes it easier for the sponsor and also for accounting purposes. If you donate on a basis other than monthly, you will receive your tax receipt at that time. If you choose to donate monthly, you will receive your tax receipt quarterly.


You will have the right to stop the sponsorship at any time without notice. WINS will then be responsible for the education of the child until a new sponsor is found. However, it is requested that some notice be given so as to facilitate the search.


If for any reason, the child does not finish their education, the remaining funds in the child’s account will be used for other purposes. This will be determined by WINS in conjunction with the respective WINS Learning Center.